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How Do I Prevent Employee Theft?

It’s happened again….locally….and it makes my blood boil!  Another full-time, long term, on staff, trusted bookkeeper has been arrested/prosecuted for company embezzlement.  I wish I could train company owners and management on a full time basis on how to prevent employee theft.  The American dream for so many is to become a business owner, to […]

2013 Christmas & Holiday Bonuses

If you are having trouble figuring out how to calculate end of year bonuses you are not alone! Here are some quick tips:   Holiday Bonus (cash or gift cards) You must treat all cash bonuses, including Gift Certificates (“cash in kind”) as taxable wages, no matter how small they are.  You can add a […]

4th Quarter Checklist

It’s mission critical time to close out 2013 strong! Check to make sure all of your accounts are reconciled and up-to-date.  This includes checking and savings accounts, credits cards and all loans.  I also personally think all of your payroll liability accounts should be reconciled as well. Run a Profit and Loss Detail report to […]

The Down and Dirty of Accounting

Did you know that accounting processes began more than 7,000 years ago?  The Assyrians began a process that relied on primitive accounting methods to properly record herd counts and growth of crops.  Now, 7,000 years later we are still counting cattle numbers but also the number of times we hit Starbucks each week and the […]